Worx Unlimited Co was established in 1997, since then it has been recognized as a full-fledged team by its customers for reliable and professional fabrication works. We are into steel fabrication industry, using innovative technology to design, fabricate, engineered and customized mechanical products.

Introduction: Worx Unlimited Company was set up as a contracting Division of Raja Company WLL (Established in 1961) and since then we are committed to surpassing the expectations of our customer with professionalism and quality standard which yields the best in the industry. Worx Unlimited has grown as a team of eminent technicians, focusing and maintaining highest level of customer satisfaction through our quality services. Excellence is our goal and we are committed to our customer for best quality and workmanship.

Worx specialized in Fibre Laser Cutting, Steel Fabrication of Fire Cabinets, Cradles, Floor Cabinets, Oven Trolleys, Gas Burners, Wall Shelfs, Wall Cabinets, Flanges, Ladders, Suction Strainers, Anti Vortex, Kitchen Furniture.

We understand the importance of our customer needs, so that we can assist them to achieve their business goals. We are committed to complete every project on time and within the budget. We thrive to work with owners and engineers to get projects and also to achieve their project criteria and objectives.

We work closely with the site engineers, to achieve the highest level of quality standard in all our projects based on the specific needs of the customer. Worx Unlimited has enormous experience in the field of contractor / sub-contractor. We also offer other services such as preparation of budgetary offer, cost estimate, execution and completion of the project work. This will help our valuable customer to prepare and understand the site work budget prior to actual expenditure.